Photography locations in Glasgow

The Lighthouse

Glasgow’s centre for design and architecture, The Lighthouse, is a great place for photography.  Most people simply want to climb the spiral staircase to the Macintosh Tower where you can photograph some nice rooftop shots of Glasgow’s city centre.  Others visit to check out the Macintosh furniture - both are worth doing, but there is always more for a photographer with a keen eye.

For photographers who are looking for something a little different it is definitely worth checking the variety of exhibitions that are on offer throughout the year.  Since this is a design and architecture museum there is always lots of models, prototypes and furniture to photograph – ideal for some abstract photography.

During my visit there was an exhibition of architectural models and I manage to take some lovely black and white minimalist shots such the two shown.

Lighting in most museums usually pretty bad and this was true of certain areas here too.  To get the most of this location remeber to bring a fast lens - both of these shots were taken with a Nikon 50mm 1.8.

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