How to get a good photograph at the East Side Gallery

Probably the world's best known and most visited street art destination, the East Side Gallery (ESG) is home to over 100 paintings by artists from across the globe and at approximately 1.3km in length the ESG is the longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall.

The ESG is always busy and it can be difficult to get the shots you after.  During my visit in December 2016, in a bitterly cold Berlin winter there were still a great number of visitors.  So how do you get some good shots without just hanging around and waiting for people to move on?


Going abstract is great way to get some interesting images.  Even with a wide lens it can be difficult to get complete artworks in one shot.  Many of my best shots are close-up shots which focus on a specific part of an artwork or are an abstract shot.

It is also possible to get a good close-up shot with a little thought to your compostition (see below).  With this shot I could have cropped out the posters or other parts of pen made graffiti, butI like what these elements add to the image.

 You can make some colourful abstract shots like this one taken at the ESG

You can make some colourful abstract shots like this one taken at the ESG

The paintings at the ESG are an artistic and a historical document which highlight the hopes and fears of those people who found freedom due to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

I first visited Berlin in 2015 and it was interesting to see how some of the artwork had been altered via graffiti in the space of just one year.  Perhaps this is why much of the work is now behind corrugated fences.