3 Inspirational Photography Magazines

Websites such as Flickr and 500px (amongst a myriad of others) are a great place for learning and picking up ideas.  For me though, printed photography is the best place for inspiration.   To be able to closely examine printed photograph is incomparable, and photography magazines are easy and cheap way to do so.  With so many magazines where do you begin?  Here are my three favourites.

Outdoor Photography

I have a load of OP magazines and have buying it for a couple of years now.  OP is a must for landscape photographers.  That is not say other types of outdoor photography (such as wildlife) are not covered but it is the quality of landscape photography in the magazine and its breadth of coverage where the magazine excels.  The only downside is that the magazine does not offer any cover disc with video tutorials.

Impeccable landscape photography.
Great for inspiration and ideas.
Learning Zone section is excellent

Little discussion of retouching or Photoshop

Black+White Photography

Without doubt my favourite photography magazine.  Why?  Well, obviously I have a great love of black and white photography.  Again, the quality of imagery in this magazine is always top notch.  This is the magazine I always turn to when I need a bit of inspiration.  Landscape photography, street, portrait, basically all types are covered in varying amounts in each issue.  There is also a good balance between photography inspiration and techniques.

First rate and varied types of photography.
Great for learning new techniques.

No cover disc.
Limited tutorials.

Digital Photo

DP is a great magazine for beginners with a good mix of tutorials, learning techniques and what’s happening in the photography world.  The cover disc is always choc full of Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials.  The Lightroom tutorials on these cover discs taught me so much.  They really gave me a good jump start in to editing with Lightroom and I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be as proficient in the use of Lightroom without it. 

Great for beginners.
Good tutorials in Photoshop and Lightroom

Sometimes focuses on Photoshop/Lightroom at expense of photography.
Can seem a bit basic at times