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Platon's iconic portraits: why photographers must watch Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix

Netflix does great documentaries so it is nice to see more photography(ish) related content to watch.  It does not seem that long ago that the series Tales by Light was released so Abstract: The Art of Design being available so soon after is a real joy.

Abstract is an eight part series which introduces the viewer to some titans of the art and design world and how they create their art.  Architecture, illustration, footwear design, and photography to name a few, are all covered.  For those who are primarily interested is photography, then episode 8, which fo uses on Platon and his portraiture, is a must see episode – although I would highly recommend watching the whole series anyway.

To call Platon a fantastic photographer truly is an understatement.   He has photographed some the most people in the last twenty years; from presidents to politicians, entertainers to tyrants.  His portraits are breath taking.               

Platon discusses his work, his ideas and processes which inform his photography.  He says his process always begins with him asking himself “what can I learn from this person?”  He builds a connection with his subject standing or sitting only feet away from his sitters, virtually on top of them, chatting and probing until he finds a glimmer of what he likes.  His process is all about getting to know his sitter and translating that connection.

This really is a must watch for anyone with even a passing interest in photography.  Platon’s portraits are truly astounding and it is a joy to watch him work.  A must see.

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