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Accepting reality: sometimes an OK photograph is all you can do

Set up shot.  The rain belts down.  Waterproof camera.  Repeat until utterly frustrated and drenched to the skin. Sometimes, no matter how meticulous you plan you just can’t get the shot you want.

It can be hard to accept this as a photographer.  We check the weather in advance and when we are in a location, trying to make that image we live in the moment and can become completely unaware of our surroundings, time, and no matter how much it hurts, how we cannot control our surroundings

I've been down to this part of the Clyde at least four times and each occasion the weather (or just bad luck) lets me down.  It either rains, it’s far too sunny, or cloud falls and the golden hour just doesn’t show.  Sometimes, as on my last visit, the street lights don't work and the surrounding area was in complete darkness... for whatever reason luck can evade you and there is nothing you can do about it.

Sometimes, as a photographer, however hard it is, you have just got to accept you can’t get the image you really want.  Sure, you can get an image, even a good one, but the vision you had in mind just isn’t possible.  It can be very frustrating but there is nothing we can do about this except relax, deal with what is in front of us, make what we can, and realise we can (usually) come back and try again… and so I am sure I will be back to take this shot on at least one more occasion… and the light will be perfect, right?