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Three must have android apps for landscape photographers

Simple apps that make a big difference

Truth be told, I do not use too many apps.  I find many of them to be clunky and clog up what little space I have on my phone.  When I do use them I like apps to be clean, simple, and do what I want them to do with a minimum of fuss.  Here are three of my favourite apps that I use for planning my landscape or seascape photography trips.

Exposure Calculator by Quicosoft

This handy little app is a god send for figuring out exposure times when doing long exposure photography.  Just input your camera settings and the strength of your ND filter and this app will calculate your shutter time needed for your long exposure.  Simple.

Sunrise Sunset by Alok Mandavgane

Want to know times for sunrise and sunset?  Sunrise Sunset will tell you instantly.  Just input the location you are going to visit and the app does the rest.  The app also has a handy 3D view showing path of sunlight at time of day.

Tides Near Me by Randy Meech

Name says it all really.  Just search the area you are going to visit and the app will tell you times of low and high tides.  A must for seascape and coastal photography.