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Glasgow in Bits: the small things that make up the big city
Glasgow in Bits back street of the city

Glasgow in Bits is an on-going project where I document the often neglected aspects of architecture in and around Glasgow.  Derelict buildings, small architectural details, textures, shapes, graffiti and Glasgow’s unloved back streets will all be included.  The photographs will be varied in style and scope but will highlight the little details scattered around the city the come together to create the city as a whole.

A new perspective: shooting square format photographs on the Fujifilm x-t2

One of my favourite functions on the Fujifilm x-t2 is the ability to change image size on the fly.  In most circumstances I shoot the standard 3:2 ratio but the ability to quickly jump between 3:2, 16:9 and 1:1 is a great little function.

Skateboard Shop Glasgow.jpg

I decided to get out and test myself by using only the square format (1:1) setting on my x-t2 and see what images I could come up with.  Forcing myself to shoot in this way is a great way to keep the creative juices flowing - by sticking to one crop ratio it challenges me to find new shapes and compositions that I would never look for if I stuck to the default 3:2 crop.

abandoned building in Glasgow with tree

The images above were shot using the 1:1 square format - I have actually set up a shortcut in my Q (quick menu) button meaning I can flick between these ratios while I’m preparing a shot, then flick back to 3:2 when I 'm done.  In recent months I have found myself cropping a lot of images to 5:4 format in Lightroom so if Fujifilm could furnish their next firmware update with a 5:4 crop that would make me a very happy man.  I am sure you will notice a lot more square format images as I continue to get to experiment.

vintage camera lense Helios 44-2

What do you think, do you use these crop sizes or challenge yourself in a similar way?  Leave your comments below.

Street Art Photography in Glasgow's South Side

I don't often venture to the Southside of the city but I decided to take a wander down Tradeston way, just across the Clyde.  For urban and urbex photographers there i=are some great locations on offer.

Much of the area runs parallel to the rail line which runs in to Central Station and there are many derelict buildings adorned in some fantastic graffiti.  There are also many small businesses which occupy the 'arches' which lie under the rail line.  It's pretty easy to saunter around this area as there are lots of opportunities for photographs.

Great Glasgow photo locations: urbex photography at Centre Street

I spied this building down by the river when I was taking a test shot of the Casino (I still need to return and photograph it properly).  

There is something about this that reminds me of New York - I think it must be the steel stairs.  I only wish I had wider lens (I had to make do with my 35mm) so I could get more of the building in shot - the black and white image above is a three shot panorama.