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Soviet Bus Stops by Christopher Herwig: a unique photographic perspective of the former Soviet Union

Christopher Herwig Soviet Bus Stops

I can honestly say I never saw myself ever purchasing a book filled with photographs of bus stops from the former Soviet Union.  Truth be told, I walked past this book (I still actually visit book shops!) time and time again questioning why anyone would ever buy such a thing but as my love for architecture has grown I find myself seeking inspiration from places I had previously thought absurd.

Herwig’s photographs emphasise the vast array of architectural styles within such a genre.  Some are simple box structures while others display a militaristic zeal.  Many show religious or artistic flourishes while others are purely functional. Some are beautifully pristine and others lie in ruin.

Christopher Herwig’s fabulous Soviet Bus Stops contains photographs from fourteen Soviet states and his photographs from these countries provide a cultural, artistic and historical snapshot of the Soviet Union from a very unique perspective.

Herwig Soviet Bus Stops Photography 3

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DETAILS: Title: Soviet Bus Stops.  Author: Christopher Herwig. Format: Hardback. Size: 160x200mm. Pages: 192pp. Photographs: 159. ISBN: 978-0-9931911-0-7. Publisher: Fuel (2015).