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How to make better cityscape photos: look for layers

First things first, I know this isn't a 'killer' shot.  Its nice enough but hardly likely to win any awards.  What I do like about though it is that it doesn't look like Glasgow.  It has a bit of a Parisian feel I think.  The mix of different architectures gives shot a timeless look. 

View from Macintosh Tower, The Lighthouse, Glasgow

View from Macintosh Tower, The Lighthouse, Glasgow

What interested me the most about this shot before I took it is the different layers which can be seen within it.  Each of which adds depth to the image.  Fore example:

  • Layer 1: Victorian architecture in the foreground

  • Layer 2: The black tin building on the roof tops

  • Layer 3: A glimpse of 'old Edinburgh' - similar to layer 1 but more aged

  • Layer 4: Modern blocks in background and sky

What do you think, would looking for layers in your cityscape images help you?  Do you have any other techniques for cityscapes to share?

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