Using vintage lenses on the Fujifilm x-t2: Sirius 135mm Macro

I have to be completely honest and say from the outset that I had never heard of Sirius lenses before I saw the Sirius MC Automatic Macro 135mm f/2.8-22 for sale on eBay.

The Sirius feels a wee bit plasticky but it is solid enough and handles well.  It has a nice clicky aperture rings meaning you can choose the required aperture with confidence.  The focus ring is smooth and responsive so the lens is nice and smooth to operate.  I only experienced one occasion when it was difficult to nail the focus but I really should put that down to my inexperience with the lens rather than any particular fault.

The 135mm focal length is new to me and it did initially take a bit of time getting used to just how long the reach is (around the 200mm equivalent on my crop sensor Fuji x-t2) but after a few minutes it became crystal clear to me that I find this focal length an absolute must for my urban photography.  The ability to pick out architectural details and create abstracts using the shapes and contours of buildings felt completely natural.  I generally shot this lens between f5.6 and f8 apertures, so I cannot comment on the lenses macro abilities  That being said, I will definitely be using this focal length as a regular part of my urban photography going forward.   

Architectural Reflections Glasgow.jpg

The Sirius is definitely not the sharpest lens; images seemed pretty flat and lacked any real contrast.  However, I like the flatness I get from vintage lenses as a good starting point for editing… and at a cost of about £20 what can you really expect?

Got any questions about this lens?  Just leave a comment below.  You can also see sample images and read my thoughts on the Helios 44-2 here.

Charles Oakley Building, Glasgow.jpg