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Soviet Bus Stops by Christopher Herwig: a unique photographic perspective of the former Soviet Union
Christopher Herwig Soviet Bus Stops

I can honestly say I never saw myself ever purchasing a book filled with photographs of bus stops from the former Soviet Union.  Truth be told, I walked past this book (I still actually visit book shops!) time and time again questioning why anyone would ever buy such a thing but as my love for architecture has grown I find myself seeking inspiration from places I had previously thought absurd.

Herwig’s photographs emphasise the vast array of architectural styles within such a genre.  Some are simple box structures while others display a militaristic zeal.  Many show religious or artistic flourishes while others are purely functional. Some are beautifully pristine and others lie in ruin.

Christopher Herwig’s fabulous Soviet Bus Stops contains photographs from fourteen Soviet states and his photographs from these countries provide a cultural, artistic and historical snapshot of the Soviet Union from a very unique perspective.

Herwig Soviet Bus Stops Photography 3

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DETAILS: Title: Soviet Bus Stops.  Author: Christopher Herwig. Format: Hardback. Size: 160x200mm. Pages: 192pp. Photographs: 159. ISBN: 978-0-9931911-0-7. Publisher: Fuel (2015).

Video: Clydebank urban and architecture photo walk

Clydebank has undergone a lot of regeneration in recent years following the decline of ship building, engineering and manufacturing industries in the area. The vast majority factories and many of the older buildings are gone and are being replaced by some sleek looking modern architecture that is worth checking out and photographing.

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New photographs added to Glasgow in Bits and a wee teaser trailer video too

Added a number of new photographs to the Glasgow in Bits project here and put together a wee teaser video showing off some of the images so far… and hopefully encourage a few folks to download the pdf eBook You can download the free Glasgow in Bits eBook here. Enjoy.

Glasgow in Bits: download free photography eBook now
Glasgow in Bits - front cover.jpg

My Glasgow in Bits project has been coming together quite nicely over the last few months with new shots are been added on a regular basis.

Glasgow in Bits began life as a way of bringing together a number many disparate images that I had created during different walks around the city trying out different lenses, focal lengths, or photographic styles.

However, in recent months the project has morphed in to a kid of photographic document of Glasgow’s smaller spaces, back streets, architectural details, textures and shapes.

The city itself is always under development and the speed of change with Glasgow is remarkable. It will be interesting look back on what has changed and what has remained in the city centre in the coming years.

This is version one of the eBook and I am aiming to create new versions every six months or so - the number of photographs that I post to the website means that it can be appreciate the flow of the project. Creating the eBook is also a nice way of culling shots and building a collection of photographs to showcase the project as a whole.

Download Glasgow in Bits here