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Great Glasgow (nearish!) photo locations: Wemyss Bay's xxxxxxVictorian railway station

Only a short train ride from Glasgow's Central station, Wemyss Bay is the end of the line for anyone heading to Rothesay on the ferry.  For any photographer who enjoys shooting architecture the gorgeous station at Wemyss Bay is a great little location - rail enthusiasts may just enjoy it too.

The station is noted for its architectural qualities and is regarded as one of Scotland's finest railway buildings.  It is a now a Category A listed bulding.  The mix of steel and glass give the building an industrial feel you would expect.  However, the combination of light flooding in through glass panels, the bright paint work and long sloping curves also provide the the building with a modern edge.  It is quite a trick.

Pillars in train station: HDR image at f11, ISO 100 @ 22mm.

Pillars in train station: HDR image at f11, ISO 100 @ 22mm.

Wemyss Bay is only a forty-five minute train journey from Glasgow and weather permitting can be photographed in a couple of hours.  The station is very quiet and staff seem to allow photographers to go about their business - I was not interrupted at all during my visit.

Photography here was a fantastic, relaxing experience.  The only issue to be aware of is amount of reflections - the light reflecting off the gloss painted surfaces was problematic but the use of a polariser minimised these.

So what do you think, is Wemyss Bay worth a visit for you?  Can you suggest any other locations to photograph?  Leave a comment below.

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Four photography YouTubers actually worth watching

Enter "photography tutorial" in YouTube and you'll get over eight million results.  It's not easy finding the right content but the four channels below provide a top notch starting point for your photography needs.   

Thomas Heaton

I have been following Thomas's YouTube for about two years and I can honestly say that he is a fantastic landscape photographer.  He uploads his vlogs weekly (sometimes more frequently) about photography excursions.  He has a great eye and his photography is really top notch.

Thomas is a great host and his style is very laid back.  What's great is that he is just as likely to upload videos when trips don't go according to plan as wells his successes.  His channel has really exploded in recent months and subscriber numbers are now well over 120K.  Well worth checking out

Serge Ramelli

I learned everything I needed to.know about Adobe Lightroom from Serge.  His free tutorials are fantastic and if you really want you can often download his RAW files to edit and along with the relevant video.

It is not just Lightroom though, Serge also uploads Photoshop tutorials as well as a host of other photography tutorials too.  If you want to be an expert in Lightroom, look no further than Serge.

Jimmy McIntyre

If you use HDR or exposure blending then Jimmy's channel is an ideal stop for you.  I have to admit I am fairly new to the whole exposure blending process but Jimmy's excellent tutorials are an absolute must.  Many of his tutorials revolve around his own software called Raya Pro - if you can afford it, buy it - it really is amazing, as well as exposure blending in Photoshop.  Jimmy talks us through the exposure blending process is laid back style, explaining the intricacies and how to achieve these effects.  You can achieve some remarkable results using exposure blending so this is channel is definitely worth checking out.

The Art of Photography

Hosted by Ted Forbes, this is another channel I have followed for a long time.  Ted is clearly a vastly knowledgeable guy who adores photography.  He offers vlogs which cover topics such as the history of photography, photo assignments and the excellent artist series where Ted meets a highly respected photographer to discuss their work and their work practices.

Have any reccomendations?  WHo do you subscribve to on YouTube?  Leave a comment below.