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Free ebook: download 'Abstracts' now

Abstracts is small selection of my favourite imagery (mostly) taken during my walks around Glasgow in the last year.  I hope the ebook highlights the inspiration I find in architecture, abstraction, geometry and minimalism.  The ebook is gentle mix of all of these styles and may well help the reader discover the joys of this style of photography.

Free Abstracts pdf ebook to download

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Meeting Glasgow's Creatives: Jane Gardiner

What has been great about my Meeting Glasgow’s Creatives project is that I have been able to visit studios across this city that I would never see otherwise. This week I met Jane Gardiner at Wasps Studios just off Alexandra Parade.  Jane paints from her studio in Wasps while working as a GP three days a week.

During our shoot, Jane and I chatted about her love of museums and how she often gains inspiration from them.  I noticed a lot of Jane’s work included elements such as skeletons, animals, and butterflies, and I wondered if Jane’s medical knowledge informed her art as well as her love of museums.


Anyway, Jane and I agreed to try some portrait style / head shots for use on her website.  Luckily, we were able to take advantage of the lovely natural light coming in from the window in her studio.

As seems to be the norm for me I was struck by a bout of minor clumsiness again and managed lean in oil paint when I was taking a shot.  This was followed only seconds later by me knocking a hat to the ground from Jane’s collection of costumes.


Remember to check out Jane's artwork at www.janegardiner.co.uk.

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Meeting Glasgow's Creatives: Dilyana Hristova

To be honest this shoot should really have been a disaster.  After walking up umpteen flights of stairs to meet Dilyana, I was so out of breath I could barely say hello.  Things were even worse as I was about to leave when I attempted to exit via a cupboard door in the hall.  Not embarrassing at all!

Despite my lacking the ability to talk and clearly looking the worse for wear, due to having to walk up so many stairs, Dilyana made me feel very welcome asking if I would like a ‘tea, coffee or cider’.  At 1pm.  In theafternoon.  The life of a twenty-something is clearly more leisurely than I am used to these days.  Sadly, I had to decline.

Prior to our meeting, I researched read some of Dilyana’s poetry and short stories on her website (to try and get an insight in to her style of writing and possibly her personality).  Dilyana and I also exchanged ideas in the days leading up to meeting each other and it was great to arrive knowing the type of images Dilyana wanted.  This made our shoot fly by and we were able to get what we wanted relatively quickly all using natural light from the enormous windows in the house.

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Tea, coffee and oil paints: Victoria Rose at The Hidden Lane Studios

I have to admit I had never ventured to The Hidden Lane Studios before.  I had always intended to visit but for some odd reason had never got round to it.  The ‘lane’ is home to a myriad of artists, artisans and small business owners so it is well worth going along and having a look around.

Victoria and I meet at the lovely Hidden Lane Tea Room prior to our shoot together.  The tearoom is a great little venue that is adorned with artworks from residents within the ‘lane’ - well worth a visit. 


As Victoria and I chatted she let me know that she was currently working mostly with oil paints and I was able to see her working on some cloudscapes when we got to the studio.

I have always been interested in the different environments in which creative people work.  I think it is an important element of the creative process.  Whether a studio is the size of a matchbox or a mansion, spotless (rare, I know) or chaotic, boisterous or silent, it is fascinating to see how the environment shapes the way the creative people thrive.


As Victoria worked away I tried to capture her in action.  It was obvious to me than when she painted she was completely at ease and oblivious to my being there – I am pretty sure that if I was not for my incessant questioning, Victoria would not have known I was taking any photographs at all.

If you would like to more of Victoria's work check out her website or at her facebook.

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