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Four photography YouTubers actually worth watching

Enter "photography tutorial" in YouTube and you'll get over eight million results.  It's not easy finding the right content but the four channels below provide a top notch starting point for your photography needs.   

Thomas Heaton

I have been following Thomas's YouTube for about two years and I can honestly say that he is a fantastic landscape photographer.  He uploads his vlogs weekly (sometimes more frequently) about photography excursions.  He has a great eye and his photography is really top notch.

Thomas is a great host and his style is very laid back.  What's great is that he is just as likely to upload videos when trips don't go according to plan as wells his successes.  His channel has really exploded in recent months and subscriber numbers are now well over 120K.  Well worth checking out

Serge Ramelli

I learned everything I needed to.know about Adobe Lightroom from Serge.  His free tutorials are fantastic and if you really want you can often download his RAW files to edit and along with the relevant video.

It is not just Lightroom though, Serge also uploads Photoshop tutorials as well as a host of other photography tutorials too.  If you want to be an expert in Lightroom, look no further than Serge.

Jimmy McIntyre

If you use HDR or exposure blending then Jimmy's channel is an ideal stop for you.  I have to admit I am fairly new to the whole exposure blending process but Jimmy's excellent tutorials are an absolute must.  Many of his tutorials revolve around his own software called Raya Pro - if you can afford it, buy it - it really is amazing, as well as exposure blending in Photoshop.  Jimmy talks us through the exposure blending process is laid back style, explaining the intricacies and how to achieve these effects.  You can achieve some remarkable results using exposure blending so this is channel is definitely worth checking out.

The Art of Photography

Hosted by Ted Forbes, this is another channel I have followed for a long time.  Ted is clearly a vastly knowledgeable guy who adores photography.  He offers vlogs which cover topics such as the history of photography, photo assignments and the excellent artist series where Ted meets a highly respected photographer to discuss their work and their work practices.

Have any reccomendations?  WHo do you subscribve to on YouTube?  Leave a comment below.

Three must have android apps for landscape photographers

Simple apps that make a big difference

Truth be told, I do not use too many apps.  I find many of them to be clunky and clog up what little space I have on my phone.  When I do use them I like apps to be clean, simple, and do what I want them to do with a minimum of fuss.  Here are three of my favourite apps that I use for planning my landscape or seascape photography trips.

Exposure Calculator by Quicosoft

This handy little app is a god send for figuring out exposure times when doing long exposure photography.  Just input your camera settings and the strength of your ND filter and this app will calculate your shutter time needed for your long exposure.  Simple.

Sunrise Sunset by Alok Mandavgane

Want to know times for sunrise and sunset?  Sunrise Sunset will tell you instantly.  Just input the location you are going to visit and the app does the rest.  The app also has a handy 3D view showing path of sunlight at time of day.

Tides Near Me by Randy Meech

Name says it all really.  Just search the area you are going to visit and the app will tell you times of low and high tides.  A must for seascape and coastal photography.

Landscape photography at Loch Awe and Kilchurn Castle

A 04.45am start is all in day’s work for a landscape photographer.  Unfortunately, I am not a landscape photographer and a 04.45am start was a painful experience to put it mildly.  No sleep the night before, a ninety minute drive, sub-zero temperatures, and exhaustion the following afternoon meant my first experience of sunrise photography was a shock to the system to say the least.

Located at the north-western point of Loch Awe, Kilcurn Castle is the perfect focal point for a stunning landscape shot.  I, and my travel companions from Glasgow Photography: Meet.Learn.Create group, were hoping for some gorgeous golden hour light, nice reflections on the loch, and a wee bit of mist here and there.  Thankfully, we were richly rewarded for our ungodly early start.

Landscape photography Kilchurn Castle Blue Hour

Since this was my first experience of sunrise golden hour light I was surprised by just how quickly the light would change, the look of the landscape could change completely in a matter of minutes (the two images above were shot only 15 minutes apart).  Light would change from oranges to pinks in the blink of an eye.  Gorgeous stuff.

So would I put myself through the pain of a 04.45am start again?  Absolutely, the tiredness and exhaustion was worth it for the opportunity to shoot in such amazing light.

Why beautiful Plockton should be your Highland base when photographing the Isle of Skye

Way up in the North West Highlands of Scotland lies the picturesque village of Plockton.  Located only fifteen minutes from Kyle of Lochalsh, Plockton is a great little location for travelling around the Highlands - although I primarily used this quaint little harbour village as a base to visit the various spots around the Isle of Skye I wanted to shot

Shrimp boats at Loch Carron in Plockton

That being said, Plockton is an awesome location for photography in its own right.  Its location on the shores of Loch Carron mean that it has gorgeous bay views, hillside viewpoints,  pretty harbour scenes (there are numerous small fishing boats and lobster creels around the bay), as well as hills and mountains that match almost any other location in Scotland.

Plockton is a great little location in its own right for photography.  There is so many varied locations to utilise, but combine this with easy access to Skye and its awesome locations, Plockton is an essential stop for photographers.