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Glasgow in Bits: the small things that make up the big city
Glasgow in Bits back street of the city

Glasgow in Bits is an on-going project where I document the often neglected aspects of architecture in and around Glasgow.  Derelict buildings, small architectural details, textures, shapes, graffiti and Glasgow’s unloved back streets will all be included.  The photographs will be varied in style and scope but will highlight the little details scattered around the city the come together to create the city as a whole.

Great Glasgow photo locations: The Necropolis

Glasgow’s Necropolis is a vast Victorian cemetery located near the centre of the city, just behind Glasgow Cathedral, so it is easy to visit both in one day.

A visit to the Necropolis offers fantastic view across the city.  You can also get some great shots of Glasgow Cathedral from here (sadly, there was some repair work being done during my visit so I was unable to do this).

Glasgow Necropolis Tomb Stones Crypts

It is easy to spend hours here, wandering around and photographing the many different grave stones and mausoleums within this vast cemetary.  Some of the stone work is beautifully ornate and there are graves designed by Charles Rennie Macintosh and Alexander “Greek” Thomson.

A visit to a cemetery may not be to everyone’s taste but with fantastic city wide views and the beutiful architecture of many of the graves a visit to Necropolis can be a very worthwhile day out for photographers.

For more information visit: http://www.glasgownecropolis.org/