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Looking out for line, shape and texture in architecture and urban photography

Anyone who sees my work would surely know that I am a sucker for shapes and composition.  Truth be told it is often the shapes with in image that attracts to taking the photo in the first place.

I think the image above highlights that clearly enough.  I took this shot because I was attracted to the triangular elements at the top and bottom of the shot as well as the strong diagonals of the grey concrete.  I was also attracted to textures within each element - the horizontal lines in the dark brick work against the strong verticals in the grey concrete and the diagonals within the gold metal elements show a nice interplay (if that is the right word) of the materials used.

What do you think? Do you see similar elements when you create your photographs?  What is your approach when creating shots like this?

Photographing the Clyde: Flats at Mavisbank Gardens

Took another wee amble down by the Clyde today.  I have been meaning to photograph these flats for a long time but for some reason I had never got round to it.  So I suppose it is typical that the day I actually get round to photographing these buildings was a day of just awful weather; bitterly cold, snow, and icy winds aplenty.

I tried my damndest to hang on till sunset but the biting ice cold wind broke me... and needless to say an amazing sunset arrived after about ten minutes after I decided I could not front it out any longer.

Know of any other interesting places to photograph in Glasgow?  Feel free to leave a comment below with locations you think are worth investigating.

Great Glasgow Photography Locations: The Glasgow Bridge

I have been spending a lot of time down by the Clyde recently generally looking for architecture style shots but the sheer number of bridges which span the Clyde offer interesting photography opportunities.

The Glasgow Bridge (above) is  a sinch to find even if you are only visiting the city - simply head to the Clyde at the rear of Central Station and voilà.  A word of warning though, check the tide times before you visit as at low tide the water can be strewn with all sorts of debris which can ruin your shot... as I found out to my cost.

I am always looking for suggestions for places to photograph in and around Glasgow, feel free to leave a comment below with locations you think are worth investigating.

Enjoying golden hour and shooting long exposure photography at the City of Glasgow College

Situated on the southern banks of the Clyde the City of Glasgow College (Riverside Campus) was opened in August 2015.  It is home to Scotland’s leading maritime and engineering campus and is the most modern, most technologically advanced maritime campus in the world.

I have been meaning to photograph this part of the city for a long time and eventually made it down this week.  I decided on a bit of long exposure photography for a change – I rarely do long exposures, not because I do not like them but because I generally lack the patience to to spend so long on one shot.

Long Exposure of Glasgow College Riverside Campus

As you can see from the images, the sunset was obscured a little by clouds on the horizon.  The colours are nice but not fantastic and the sun set directly behind the building means that in order to get a useable exposure I had to really boost the shadows as the building was not too far from being a silhouette.  Lesson learned.  I will return in a month or so when the sun has set a little further east in the hope of getting a sense of colour and light.

You can get more information about the Riverside Campus here.  You can also see my final image from this shoot here