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Architecture photography from Salford Quays and Media City UK

A couple of years ago I saw this video by the excellent Craig Roberts from e6 blogs and ever since I have been eager to get down to Manchester and check out Salford Quays. Well, I finally made it!... but only for a short visit (one full day and night) so a return trip is an absolute must. 

Even if you only have a passing interest in architecture the Quays are hugely impressive.  There is a lovely mix of modern buildings and traditional structures to be admired.  The Lowry, The Imperial War Museum North, MediaCityUK, and Salford University are all just a short walk from one another.  There are also a good number of industrial structures such as bridges, locks, and renovated warehouse buildings to photograph.

A nice mix of architecture at MediaCityUK

A nice mix of architecture at MediaCityUK

With so many compositions on offer it can be difficult to know where to begin. Because my stay was so short I only really began to scratch the surface photography wise.  Sunset came and went far too quickly. When I return to the Quays in the future I will definitely ensure I get at least a couple of nights to take advantage of sunset and the blue hour in order to make the most of photography on offer.

Close up shot at the Imperial War Museum North

Close up shot at the Imperial War Museum North

Have you ever been to Salford Quays?  Would you like to visit? Do you have any shots you would like to share? Feel free to comment below.

Photography on Netflix: Tales by Light

Take six photographers, and plunk each them in some of the world’s most beautiful locations and let them do their thing and what do you get?  Tales by Light, that's what!  That and a whole bunch of extremely jealous viewers.

Part photography, part travel show, Tales by Light is a six part series, each of which focuses on an individual photographer and their chosen area of photography.  Episode one kicks off with under water photographer Darren Jew as he attempts to tackle photographing mating humpback whales in Tonga.  Episode two focuses on travel photographer Richard I'Anson where (amongst others) he captures some amazing images of the colour Festival of Holi (Festival of Colour) in India.

The travel/photography format works well.  At times the visuals in this six-part series are truly gorgeous, although there can be lack of detail when it comes to the photographic process and how some of the photographers achieve what they do.  That being said, if Tales by Light does not inspire photographers to pick up their gear and get out and shoot I doubt anything will.