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Great Glasgow (nearish!) photo locations: Wemyss Bay's xxxxxxVictorian railway station

Only a short train ride from Glasgow's Central station, Wemyss Bay is the end of the line for anyone heading to Rothesay on the ferry.  For any photographer who enjoys shooting architecture the gorgeous station at Wemyss Bay is a great little location - rail enthusiasts may just enjoy it too.

The station is noted for its architectural qualities and is regarded as one of Scotland's finest railway buildings.  It is a now a Category A listed bulding.  The mix of steel and glass give the building an industrial feel you would expect.  However, the combination of light flooding in through glass panels, the bright paint work and long sloping curves also provide the the building with a modern edge.  It is quite a trick.

Pillars in train station: HDR image at f11, ISO 100 @ 22mm.

Pillars in train station: HDR image at f11, ISO 100 @ 22mm.

Wemyss Bay is only a forty-five minute train journey from Glasgow and weather permitting can be photographed in a couple of hours.  The station is very quiet and staff seem to allow photographers to go about their business - I was not interrupted at all during my visit.

Photography here was a fantastic, relaxing experience.  The only issue to be aware of is amount of reflections - the light reflecting off the gloss painted surfaces was problematic but the use of a polariser minimised these.

So what do you think, is Wemyss Bay worth a visit for you?  Can you suggest any other locations to photograph?  Leave a comment below.

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