Lustre, Gloss or Metallic - what paper is best for your photograph?

My photography is available on lustre, gloss and metallic paper.  Lustre and gloss paper is Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Digital Paper Type DPII and Metallic paper is Kodak Endura METALLIC.  For best results it is important you choose the correct paper, but what type is best for you?

Photographic paper types


Lustre is a professional-grade paper with slight gloss and a subtle texture which helps reduce glare and fingerprints.  Lustre is great for deep colour saturation and high contrast imagery.  Black and white photography is popular on lustre due it being a low glare paper.


Gloss paper is a high-contrast paper.  It has an excellent dynamic range and colour.  Photos will have a shiny finish with vibrant colour.  However, gloss can be very reflective so it is important to hang photographs in appropriate, low light places.


This paper has a gloss surface and metallic iridescence which will draw attention to images.  Colours appear very vibrant.  Some photography works better than others, in particular, images with strong colour saturation such as autumn landscape or floral photography.

What about mounting?

All images will be mounted on 3mm Foamex PVC board.  Mounted prints are less likely to bend or become marked and can be hung directly on to wall without a frame if desired.