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Testing vintage camera lenses on the Fujifilm X-T2: sample photographs from the Industar 50mm 50-2 f3.5

The Industar 50mm 2 f3.5 is an unusual looking little lens but with a bit of delectate handling you can create some very interesting shots. There are barrel loads of these for sale on eBay and they can be snapped up very cheaply.

Bridges spanning the river Clyde in central Glasgow [XT2 / Classic Chrome]

Bridges spanning the river Clyde in central Glasgow
[XT2 / Classic Chrome]

Mooring bollard [XT2 / Acros]

Mooring bollard
[XT2 / Acros]

Reflections at Glasgow Transport Museum [XT2 / Classic Chrome]

Reflections at Glasgow Transport Museum
[XT2 / Classic Chrome]

Mooring bollard numer 70 [XT2 / Classic Chrome]

Mooring bollard numer 70
[XT2 / Classic Chrome]

You can discover in depth information about this lens at PentaxForums.com

Using Fujifilm's Classic Chrome film simulation on your video - 1080p x-t2 Video Test

I have been tinkering a bit more with video in the last month or two and I am pretty sure you be seeing more of these sample videos that use Fujifilm’s film simulations here. Sometimes, it is just not feasible to shoot in 4K so I thought I would conduct a few tests to see which film simulation would be a good alternative to Fujifilm’s F-Log 4K video.

The video above is shown as per camera output with no colour grading, sharpening or any other ‘improvements’ that can be made in post.

The video was shot using the following in camera settings:

1.      Classic Chrome 1080p, 60fps

2.      Shadows -2

3.      Highlights -2

4.      Sharpening -4

5.      Saturation -2

I will create another test video so I can compare how the Classic Chrome profile compares to the others.


How do Fujifilm's film simulations affect the look and feel of your photographs?

I wrote a blog post a while back about this very topic but I was never really happy with it. Perhaps it was because the image I selected did not really emphasise how Fujifilm's fantastic film simulations can affect the look and feel of your photographs.  Sometimes this is dramatic while others can be more subtle.

Personally, I am huge fan of Acros and Velvia simulations but whatever your favourite they make a fantastic starting point in post processing if you are a RAW shooter like myself.

Testing out vintage camera lenses on the Fujifilm X-T2: hands-on with the Soligor 28mm 2.8

I’ve tried out few vintage lenses now and the results have always been interesting.  Vintage lenses are a fabulous way of experimenting with different focal lengths and trying new ways of shooting so I was as keen as ever to hit the streets to see what sort of images I could create.

The Soligor 28mm 2.8 is well constructed lens.  My copy had a few age related marks but nothing that affected its operation.   The focus ring was smooth to turn with a hint of resistance.  The lens also had two aperture rings one of which was a fluid ring.  Aperture range for the lens is f2.8 to f16.  Focus distance ranged from 0.45m to infinity.  Finally, the Soligor weighed in at 273g.

Partick Bridge Pipe Sto Dreaming

Throughout my test I (generally) set my camera’s ISO to 800 and worked the fluid aperture to suit each shot.  I normally shoot between f5.6 and f11 anyway so I found this set up convenient when trying out vintage lenses

Images rendered nicely with good colour but lacked contrast.  This may have been because I was shooting RAW but when I edited my shots in Lightroom after applying the Fujifilm simulations I was able to get nice results by increasing the contrast or dehaze sliders.

Rover Repair The Gorbals.jpg

The Soligor 28mm is actually quite a nice walk around lens although I have to be honest and say that I was not entirely comfortable using the 28mm focal length.  Ideally, I would prefer to shoot at 23mm and the 5mm difference really impacted how I shot.  However, this is why I enjoy testing out vintage lenses.  I can experiment with a new lens and get out of my comfort zone…  without breaking the bank.  Honestly though, I still felt 28mm was a focal length I could do without for my style of shooting.

Church Door The Gorbals.jpg

If you have used this lens or have any questions regarding it feel free to leave a comment below.

Click here for for more information on the Soligor 28mm 2.8